Monday, May 6, 2013

How to report Sammy Jackson and or Melissa Emory:

Go to the North Carolina Department of Justice webpage & click "file a complaint" or follow this link to do it electronically:

From there you can upload your documents, and file a complaint that will be investigated.  Please make sure to file it under the business name AND Sammy Jackson's and or Melissa Emory's name.  That way, all our cases will be linked. 

This is directly from the Department of Justice website:

File a Complaint

What To Know About Filing A Consumer Complaint
Before you file a complaint, read any relevant consumer tips. This information can often help you resolve disputes and protect yourself from future problems.
The Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office enforces North Carolina’s consumer protection laws, which are aimed at preventing unfair or deceptive trade practices.
We learn about such practices through consumer complaints filed with the office. Thank you for taking the time to complete the complaint form.
What To Include With Your Complaint
When you submit your complaint, please ensure that you include legible COPIES of supporting documents you may have. Such documents include contracts, bills of sale, receipts, written estimates and repair orders for any repair problems; warranties, including any oral warranties or promises made about the condition of your car or other product; correspondence between you and the company, etc.
Please do NOT send originals. If you fail to send existing supporting documents it may delay processing of your complaint. Faxing your complaint may also delay processing if the paperwork you send is illegible.
You may enter the information on the Consumer Complaint form and submit it electronically, or fill out the form on your computer and print it. You’ll need to mail supporting documents with a copy of the complaint.
You can also call us to request a Consumer Complaint form, or mail us the required information in the form of a letter. You can call us toll free within North Carolina at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM, at (919) 716-6000 from outside of North Carolina, or at (919) 716-0058 for Spanish speakers.
Please provide all the information requested. Give us details about your complaint in the "Explanation" section and on additional sheets if necessary. Be sure to tell what happened, when it happened, and where it happened, and be specific about any oral statements the business made to you, especially those which influenced you to deal with the company. Try to be brief but thorough.  Be sure to sign your name on the completed form.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sammy Jackson has many scams...

Sammy being interviewed by channel 11

Melissa is helping Sammy, the corp is under her name: Melissa Emory

Did your parents tell you "if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is?" My parents told me, but sometimes we go for it anyway.  This is the case with most of us who became involved with Sammy Jackson.  I must say though, the guy is a good con.  He's not nervous, and he is confident, and has the right amount of Southern charm.  He comes off as a "good ol' boy" & seems very grandfatherly, who wouldn't trust him.

Chances are when you meet Sammy, who I believe is about 64, he drives up in (his girlfriends) shiny silver BMW, he shakes hands and sells you on whatever he's selling that day.  In the last few years he has been selling houses, unfortunately, he doesn't own them!  He tells you a tale about being a house mover, and how he has either a house that needs to be moved off property someone bought for another use- or it will be destroyed.  Don't worry, Sammy owns a house moving business, he can move the house for you, and "you would never know it wasn't there the whole time! You can plant some flowers the next day."  Ahhh sunshine & rainbows.  What you don't know is that Sammy has "sold" this house to others as well. He usually takes a deposit, anywhere from about 5-15k, then he pushes you to pay for the relocation of the house ($7,500).  Once you paid you now get to wait while Sammy does nothing.  He answers the phone sometimes, sometimes not.  Now you say you want your money back, Sammy accuses you of backing out of the deal & says you forfeited your $.  He claims to have a lawyer (the last time he actually spoke to him was in 2010) & says he will see you in Court.
Sammy also runs other scams, he says he fixes foundations, replaces roofs, moves houses etc.  These are the really sad stories, in a few cases he hired a crew who cut off the top of a house & never put the roof back on! Another time he "moved" a house and it fell off the truck, another time it got stuck on a railroad track, yet another hit a bridge.  Don't worry, he has insurance right? Sorry folks, he always leaves the "original value" or the home blank on the insurance form, now your claim will be rejected.  There are people out 10s of thousands, one poor woman is out 100k trying to fix her home after he destroyed it.

Check him out, he doesn't have licensed to move homes or his general contractors license.  He is bankrupt & I believe hasn't paid taxes in 4 years. He takes his scam money & puts it in his girlfriends and or daughters name so that you can't sue him for it.

So if you come across Sammy- call the police.  Here's a story of him being interviewed on channel 11 news :